Art as resistance

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Exhibition /Art as resistance to Fascism / Museum of Yugoslav History / 2015.

Marking the 70th anniversary of the victory over fascism.
The exhibition, curated by Dragoljub Kuprešanin, MYH museum adviser showcase the art created during World War II,
inspired by the antifascist struggle in Yugoslavia, which was taken up by a large number of artists.

The artists created their works while manning the lines, taking a break, on the move with the National Liberation Army of
Yugoslavia troops, in the liberated areas, in jails, concentration camps and also after the war. Their art is a testimony to the
horrors of war. In terms of style, it exhibits the traits typical of expressionism and symbolism, as well as realism coupled with
descriptive tendencies, conveying personal views of the war and highlighting inner states – the experience of what is seen.